Members of the Danish Federation

Membership in the Danish Federation is open to all Danish Canadian ethnocultural organizations who take an active part in promoting the objectives of the Federation.

Danish organizations outside Canada and Nordic organizations inside and outside Canada may become Associate Members.

  1.   New Denmark Historical Society, New Denmark, N.B.

  2.   Danish Canadian Society, Montreal, Inc.

  3.   The Danish Club of Montreal 

  4.   The Danish Club of Ottawa, ON

  5.   Danish Lutheran Church, Toronto, ON

​  6.   Danish Women's Cultural Association, Toronto, ON

  7.   Danish Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Toronto, ON

  8.   Sunset Villa Association, Puslinch, ON

  9.   Sunset Mindepark, Puslinch, ON

10.   Pass Lake Historical Society. Pass Lake, ON

11.   The Danish Canadian Club, Winnipeg

12.   The Danish Canadian Club, Calgary

13.   Danish Lutheran Church, Calgary, AB

14.   Dana Village, Danish Senior Citizens Apartment Foundation, Calgary, AB

15.   The Naver Club, Calgary, AB

16.   Royal Danish Guards' Association, Western Canada

17.   Dickson Store Museum, Dickson, AB

18.   Danish Canadian National Museum , Dickson, AB

19.   Red Deer Danish Canadian Club, AB

20.   The Danish Canadian Society "Dania", Edmonton, AB

21.  ​ Ansgar Danish Lutheran Church, Edmonton, AB

22.   Danish Brotherhood in America, Lodge 328, Vancouver, BC

23.   Royal Danish Guards' Association, Pacific Northwest

24.   Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, BC

25.   Dania Home, Senior Citizen Residence, Burnaby, BC

26.  ​ Danish House Society, Burnaby, BC

27.   Vancouver Island Danish Canadian Club, Nanaimo, BC

28.   Danish Social Club of Victoria, BC

29.   Scandinavian Cultural Society, Burnaby, BC 

30.   Canadian American Friendship Society, Middelfart

31.   Danes Worldwide, Copenhagen, Denmark

32.   Det Danske Udvandrerarkiv, Aalborg, Denmark

33.   Danish American Heritage Society, Minneapolis, MN

34.   Museum of Danish America, Elk Horn, IA