Danish Heritage Seminars

The Danish Heritage Seminar, which the Danish Federation organizes every year, is a five day educational, inspiring and fun-filled course about Danish culture and history. There are also lectures on Canadian and international topics, as well as activities such as singing, dancing and films.

An important aspect of the course is the friendship that quickly develops among the participants from across Canada. Danes and Americans have also participated. The lectures and films are all in English, while songs are mostly in Danish.

The Danish Heritage Seminar is modelled on the residential Folk High Schools in Denmark, which were created in the 19th century, based on the ideas of N.F.S. Grundtvig and Christen Kold. 

Exploring Danish Identity Seminar Topics:

Frederiksborg Castle 
Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød is an icon of Danish culture and identity. As the Danish Museum of National History it is a major and central symbol. 

Danish poets and the four seasons 
The impact of the Højskolesangbog, the adult Folk High School songbook, is immense. Many of the songs reveal much about Danish identity. We will hear about a few of the poets and their songs. 

The Danish congregation in Edmonton 
The first Danish church services in Edmonton were held in the fall of 1923 by pastors visiting from Calgary and Dickson. In 1928 a Danish Pastor was sent to Edmonton by DKU. This year the Ansgar congregation will celebrate its 100th anniversary. 

Danish celebrations, past and present 
Danish identity is readily revealed in celebrations, parties, festivals and holidays. The annually recurrent national and religious festivals are still popular. We will dive into a few of these. 

Assistens Cemetery in Copenhagen 
Danish culture pertaining to gravesites and cemeteries is unique, and displays another aspect of Danish culture. Come with Frederikke Hultberg to this picturesque cemetery in the middle of Copenhagen and meet the living and the dead. 

EXERCISE - the mind but also the body 
There will be opportunities to use the hotel fitness centre and explore Nanaimo by foot. 

Headmaster, Pastor Lasse Hultberg
Pastor Lasse Hultberg was born in Faxe and grew up on a hobby farm near Ganløse, Nordsjælland. He holds a mag. art. degree in Art History and has worked at Frederiksborg Museum as well as at the University of Copenhagen. After taking a degree in Theology, he served as a pastor in the parish of Ballerup, a suburb to Copenhagen, and since March 2016 at Ansgar Danish Lutheran Church of Edmonton. Pastor Lasse has a great passion for classical music and Danish literature and loves to hike in the natural beauty of Western Canada. He is married to Frederikke and has three sons. 

Frederikke Hultberg 
Frederikke was born in Faaborg and raised in Korinth on the island of Fyn. She holds a degree in education and has served at the parish Sankt Johannes Kirken, Copenhagen, ministering to families and children. Since she moved to Edmonton with her husband, Pastor Lasse, Frederikke has been deeply involved in the Ansgar Church as well as supporting her three sons. Frederikke too loves music as well as dancing. 

Rolf Buschardt Christensen, President of The Danish Federation
Rolf was born in Copenhagen. Holds a BA in History (UBC) and MA in International Affairs (Carleton). He is president of the Danish Federation. He worked for the European Union Delegation in Ottawa for 35 years. At the Heritage Seminar he will speak about Knud Rasmussen and his epic Fifth Thule Expedition across Arctic North America in 1921-1924. Rolf and his Danish-born wife, Vita, live in Ottawa.

Arrival Monday May 29 (Arrival) 3 pm 
​Every day begins with a morning song
Wednesday afternoon will be a free time
Seminar includes a visit to Nanaimo Museum
​Seminar includes a workshop
Departure Fri June 2 after breakfast 


The Coast Bastion is a three-star hotel located near the Nanaimo waterfront and across from the Bastion, an old landmark fort.


- Close to the beach and to city centre shopping.

- All guest rooms have private balconies with a view of the city or harbour.

- Restaurant, a lounge and bar, meeting rooms, a ballroom and 179 guest rooms

- Front desk is open 24/7 

- Wheelchair accessible

- Fitness centre, hair salon and a spa where guests can get a relaxing massage

- Business centre, free internet (WiFi) and free newspapers in the lobby. 
- Self-parking for an additional charge. 

FEES - PER PERSON $959 for double room (double occupancy), $1,295 for a double room

The registration fee includes: 
 Room (Double occupancy) 
 All meals (but free time Wednesday) 
 No lunch or dinner on Wednesday 
 Coffee breaks 
 Lectures, materials etc. 
 Use of facilities, incl. business centre 
 All taxes 
 Dining Room gratuities 

Breakfast 8:30 am daily

Lunch 12 pm (except Wednesday)

Dinner 6:30 pm (except Wednesday)

To register please email Rolf Christensen at robuch@ca.inter.net

This year's seminar is an educational, inspiring, and fun-filled course which explores Danish identity through monuments, museums, poets, songs, celebrations and customs. The seminar will be led by Pastor Lasse Hultberg of Ansgar Danish Lutheran Church of Edmonton. 

There are also activities such as workshops, singing, walking, exercising and relaxing. ​​

Exploring Danish Identity: Mon May 29 to Fri June 2, 2023

Nanaimo, B.C. at the Coast Bastion Hotel