38th National Conference,

                                                                                                Danish Canadian Club of Manitoba    
                                                                                       764 Erin Street   Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G 2W4
                                                                                                    Telephone: (204) 774-8047

  An invitation to the 2019 conference:


The Danish Canadian Club of Manitoba invites all Danish Federation delegates to join us in Winnipeg for the 2019 annual conference. Our Head coordinator Karl Sørensen and his committee are busy planning for your arrival. Our theme for the 2019 conference is: “The Arctic – Past, Present and Future”.

This theme has been selected to coincide with the 400th anniversary celebration of Danish sea-captain and explorer Jens Munk and his wintering near what is now Churchill, Manitoba. Jens Munk was sent by King Christian IV of Denmark-Norway to find the Northwest Passage, and then make his way to China and India.  He did not succeed, and the tale of his survival is a story of wonder. As well, we will take time in 2019 to honour the 800th anniversary of Dannebrog!

At our 2010 conference in Winnipeg, the theme was Human Rights and the Canadian Museum of Human Rights was under construction. We are pleased to include an optional tour of this beautiful building and its displays. In short, along with our guest speakers, additional tours and events you are promised an insightful, informative, fun and entertaining conference.

We look forward to being your hosts in 2019.


Susan Person
President, Danish Canadian Club of Manitoba

Information on the 2019 conference will soon be available on our website at www.scandinaviancentre.ca

                               Mark your calendar
                      May 23 to May 26, 2019      

                                  Danish Canadian Club
                                       of Manitoba

                         Host of the 2019 Conference
                          Theme:    The Arctic
                                           Past, Present and Future

  • 400th anniversary of Danish sea-captain and explorer Jens Munk’s expedition and his wintering near Churchill, Manitoba
  • 800th anniversary of Dannebrog!​