Les Bonke, Eva Terp, Ole Larsen, Jonna Melander, Poul B. Christensen, Rolf Christensen, Svend Berg, Jorgen Birk Andersen, Esther Machacynski, Alice Lyvang, Martha Larsen and Herbert Rasmussen

The Danish Federation was established at Sunset Villa in Puslinch, Ontario, on June 7, 1981, with the purpose of bringing together all existing Danish organizations in Canada, to create a permanent network of cooperation. The Federation is a Club of Clubs, and it is therefore the national umbrella organization of the Danes in Canada. 

The Federation is made up of over 40 member organizations across Canada.  The organizations include churches, senior homes, Guards' Associations, business associations, chambers of commerce, fraternities, historical societies, museums and social clubs.

The Federation of Danish Associations in Canada, hereafter called the Danish Federation, is a national umbrella organization of Danish organizations in Canada.

For the Preservation of Danish Heritage

Federation of Danish Associations in Canada

Forbundet af Danske Foreninger i Canada

Fédération des Associations Danoises du Canada

Federation Song

We have formed a Federation,

and together we have bound

many Dane Associations,

which in Canada are found.

And with all Canadians here

it's our hope that we can share

culture and tradition.

Yes, we will extend our hand,

hope we from our chosen land

will earn recognition.

As the years have been unfolding,

Danes to Canada found way,

and they all have helped in molding

this land, as it is today.

Many to New Brunswick went -

built New Denmark settlement;

and where they were staying,

fertile made Canadian soil,

and to them for all their toil 

tribute we are paying

Proud we all are of our home land,

and the country where we live.

Values we have learned at home, and

much we Canada can give.

Serious in our aim and work,

we our duties never shirk.

Forwards we are going.

But, though serious - all the while -

Danish humour and a smile

readily are showing.

We together make work lighter,

and can make our dreams come true.

Build a future, which is brighter

for ourselves and children too.

We our culture will preserve -

Canada we want to serve -

build a stronger Nation.

And we now from east to west

all agree that we are blessed

with our Federation.

                         The late Inger K.W. Andersen